• COVID-19 Update!

    COVID Precautions

    Classes are held in the studio at 5253 Chicago Ave. Students have their temperature taken on arrival, wash and sanitize hands on arrival, and are required to wear masks at all times.


    Summer Camp Enrollment Open

    We are accepting applications for our summer camp program, but space is limited so please make sure to contact us. We have daily field trips to locations around the Metro.

  • What We Do

    Work out together

    All of our classes are age and gender inclusive. We offer a unique environment emphasizing families working out together as equals while learning self defense skills in the traditional art of TaeKwonDo.

    After School, Distance Learning, and All Day Camp

    We offer an after school program, distance learning facilitation, and all day camp for school break days and during the summer. These programs are completely flexible in scheduling. Students may attend as needed from 1-5 days a week.

    Participants MUST be registered TaeKwonDo students.

  • Classes at our school are not separated by age. This makes our dojang a unique environment for a family to learn together as equals.


  • COVID Update!

    After school program is available! Please contact us for information on COVID changes.

    Children are picked up from school and dropped of at the Dojang (Studio).

    Upon arriving at the Dojang, student either start on homework, or if they don't have homework they read books.

    After homework we provide an organic, healthy snack.

    After snack, the students participate in 4:30 class and are ready for pick up when class ends at 5:20.

  • Day Camp available all summer long AND on school release days

    The Day Starts

    Children are dropped off at the Dojang (Studio) between 9:00-9:30 AM.

    Morning activities vary. Sometimes we do crafts, sometimes they spend a couple hours of unstructured play time.

    Daily Field Trips

    Once all participants for the day arrive, we leave the studio for daily field trips to parks, lakes, playgrounds, museums, etc.


    Lunch is usually eaten at our field trip location.

    TaeKwonDo Class

    After returning from our daily activity, we provide a healthy, organic snack before the children participate in 4:00 class. Children are ready for pick up when class ends at 5:00.

  • About Us

    Our Mission

    To teach the traditions of the Korean Martial Art of TaeKwonDo and strengthen confidence, self-discipline, and respect for others, through the physical, mental, and spiritual challenges faced and overcome in TaeKwonDo training.

    The Dojang

    Classic TaeKwonDo Studios

    At Classic TaeKwonDo Studios, we offer traditional TaeKwonDo training passed on to Mrs. Carolyn Boston from Grand Master Moon Kyu Kim. Our TaeKwonDo instruction emphasizes attitudes of respect and discipline while giving students positive feedback and technical support. Training will result in increased self discipline, self control, and respect for others.

    Head Instructor

    Mrs. Carolyn Boston

    Classic TaeKwonDo studios is owned and operated by Mrs. Carolyn Boston. Mrs. Boston has been teaching TaeKwonDo for over 40 years and has had a full time TaeKwonDo school in South Minneapolis during that time. Mrs. Boston remains passionate about the Art of TaeKwonDo and committed to providing her students excellent instruction in TaeKwonDo techniques as well as instilling a sense of pride in their accomplishments. Mrs. Boston has been a student of Grand Master Moon Kyu Kim for 40 years and has trained under his Master Instructor in Munich, Germany.


    Ms. Mikaela Boston

    Mikaela (left) has been at the dojang since she was 1 week old. She began training at age 5.

    She earned her 1st Dan black belt under Mrs. Boston and Grand Master Moon Kim in 2014.
    Mikaela is an integral business partner and co-instructor. She develops the programming for the youth summer camp and day camps.


    Mr. Jarydd Boston

    Jarydd has been learning TaeKwonDo for 28 years. He has always had a love of teaching which has led him to earning his Master’s degree in Education and he has been teaching full time since then.

    Jarydd earned his 1st Dan Blackbelt in 2012 and has been working at Classic TaeKwonDo Studios for over 17 years. He currently coordinates technology and leads camp activities while also being a co-instructor.

    Recent Updates

    Solar Energy & Air Purification

    Classic TaeKwonDo Studios has installed solar panels to help move towards cleaner, more renewable energy solutions.

    We emphasize recycling and composting with our youth programs and encourage youth to minimize waste.


    To keep our students as safe as possible on the days we hold class indoors, we have UV Sanitation installed in our air filtration system.

  • Press and Reviews

    Classic TaeKwonDo - A true family business

    A true family business

    Organized sports have never really been an option for Carolyn and Kirt Boston's three children -- Jarydd, Mikaela, and Liam, -- but they definitely haven't lacked activities since the family has always been committed to spending time together in a variety of ways, including hiking, camping, backpacking and practicing taekwondo.


    As owner of the Classic TaeKwonDo Studios in Minneapolis for more than 15 years, Carolyn Boston said the demands of teaching taekwondo after school every day and into the evening led to a "no sports" policy for her kids, although Jarydd and Mikaela (who were home-schooled, as is Liam) did participate on a cross-country ski team with South High School once they could get themselves to practice. Boston, of Minneapolis, has no regrets about their family's organized-sports decision because she believes her kids thrived in their pursuits of many different interests.


    "I really believe kids need free time to come up with their own ideas," she said. "If they are completely overscheduled, they don't know what they are supposed to do if you don't tell them."

    With the beginning of the school year approaching, many families will be registering their children for sports, music or dance classes; some parents may also plan to volunteer as coaches or committee members.

    While all of these activities can be worthwhile, parents should be careful not to over-commit their kids (or themselves) since more often than not, the tradeoff will be family time.


    Boston has incorporated her perspective about the value of kids and parents spending time together into her taekwondo classes; parents of the children who participate in her daily 4:30 p.m. classes often take the class, as well. "You know, your kids really aren't at home with you for very long," said Boston, whose son Jaryyd is hoping to attend law school out-of-state next year. "I'm just a big believer in doing everything you can do to be together."

    Julie Pfitzinger for the Minneapolis Star Tribune August, 2011


  • How lucky we are to have this gem in our neighborhood. My whole family has just started studying TaeKwonDo at this studio. We so appreciate the community, instruction and teachings we are receiving there.

    Terri D. 10/7/2017

    Terri D.

  • Hours,Location, & Fees

    Class Hours

    TaeKwonDo classes are held in the Dojang at 5253 Chicago Ave.

    Class Schedule


    4:30-5:20 After School

    5:30-6:20 Beginners

    6:30-7:20 Advanced


    4:30-5:20 After School

    5:30-6:20 Advanced

    6:30-7:20 Beginners


    4:30-5:20 After School

    5:30-6:20 Beginners

    6:30-7:20 Advanced


    4:30-5:20 After School

    5:30-6:20 Advanced

    6:30-7:20 Beginners


    4:30-6:00 All Belts (Special Activities)

    6:00-6:30 Forms


    9:30-10:30am All Belts


    Attending Class

    Masks are still required to attend classes. Temperature is taken on arrival, hands are washed and sanitized.


    After School

    These classes are reserved for After School program participants and families.


    Beginner classes are geared toward beginner level belts (White, Yellow, Orange). Advanced belts attending beginner class will either stay with basics or work independently.


    Advanced classes are structured for advanced belts with a solid grasp of basics (Green belt and up). These classes will move quickly and may are challenging for beginner belts.

    All Belt

    All belt classes are open to all ranks

    Friday Special Class

    Friday classes rotate between special activities. Such as sparring, practical self-defense, and board breaking.

    5253 Chicago Ave. So, Mpls.

    We are on Bus Line 5 and only 3 blocks from the Parkview Kowalski's. There is plenty of parking which makes for easy pick up and drop off.


    Our Dojang (school) is located at:
    5253 Chicago Ave S,
    Minneapolis, MN 55417




    Please stop by, call or email

    classictkd@aol.com any time for more information.


    New Student

    3 Month Introduction


    • 3 months of unlimited classes
    • Uniform
    • 4 Introductory lessons

    1st Family Member - $270

    Additional Family Members 50% off - $135

    Monthly Fees

    After 3 Month Intro

    UNLIMITED Classes


    1st Family Member - $90/month

    2nd Family Member 30% off - $63/month

    3rd Family Member 50% off - $45/month

    4th+ Family Members FREE

  • Pay only for the days you need!

    In order to participate in youth programs, youth MUST be registered students


    Youth programs are OPEN! We are limiting numbers. Participants are required to wear masks, and bringwater bottles.

    Please contact us with any questions.

    After School





    • Pick up from school 
    • Homework help / Reading time
    • Organic, natural snack

    All Day/Summer Camp






    • Admission to daily field trip location
    • Organic, natural snack

    Cancellation policy

    48+ hours notice - No Charge

    24 hours notice - 50% charge*

    Less than 24 hours notice - Full charge*


    *Exceptions made for fever/illness


  • Location & Contact

    Classic TaeKwonDo

    5253 Chicago Ave S,
    Minneapolis, MN 55417